Aleksander Glikman

Aleksander Glikman is one of the most famous and recognized lawyers in Estonia.

Aleksander practices law since 1951, when he graduated from University of Tartu. He has been  closely linked to managing law offices and the Bar Association; he also holds an important part in the  development of the modern Estonian Bar Association. As Estonia gained independence, Aleksander  participated actively in the legal reform. As a member of different working groups, he is one of the  most important authors of modern laws of Estonia. Aleksander Glikman is also the co-author of Law  of Property Act, Law of Obligations Act, General Part of the Civil Code Act, Code of Civil Procedure,  Bankruptcy Act and other legislations.

Aleksander is known as one of the most valued and successful trial lawyer, who has been prosperous  in thousands of civil and arbitration matters, he is also known as one of the most highly qualified legal advisers. In recent years, the main activity of Aleksander has been legal advice.

Aleksander is considered as a legendary training provider. In addition to actively giving lectures, he  has trained tens and tens of successful lawyers who still come to him for advice.


University of Tartu, Faculty of Law (1951)


Estonian Russian German Finnish


1951–1965 Head of different law offices
1972-1990 Vice-chairman of College of Lawyers
1972-1990 Vice-chairman of the Estonian Bar Association
1992-2006 Chairman of Professional Suitability Assessment Committee of the Estonian Bar  Association
1991-2016 Partner and attorney-at-law in Law Office Glikman Alvin
2016 Lawyer emeritus


1977 Honored lawyer of Estonian SSR
1997 IV class Order of the White Star
2003 Medal of merit of the Estonian Bar Association